Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda(Shahi Tukra) is a bread based dessert made with bead,thickened milk,saffron and nuts.It's simple to make and a great dessert for times when you're in a hurry.

Shahi Tukda

  • Bread - 4 pieces 
  • Milk - 2 cup 
  • Sugar -  1/3 cup  
  • Ghee / oil - For deep frying 
  • Chopped nuts - 2 tblsp 
  • Canned cherries - For decorations
  • Saffron -  A pinch 
  • Rose essence  - 2-3 drops 



Boil milk and add saffron strands and simmer the milk until its reduces to a thick but poring consistency. This is called Rabri. Add chopped nuts .



If you want you can add rose essence  in this stage. Now rabri is ready.



Remove the brown sides of the bread and cut diagonally. I cut one piece into two. 

Fry the bread pieces till golden brown and crisp evenly. Use a shallow and small pan so that un need not use more ghee/oil.

Prepare a thick sugar syrup by boiling the sugar with little water just to immerse the sugar.


Soak the bread pieces as you fry them,just for a minute or until you take the next batch.

Arrange the soaked pieces in a plate. 

Pour the rabri over the arranged bread. 

    Serve chilled or warm,as per your wish, I like it chilled!! But make sure you give some time for the bread to absorb the rabri.

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