Coconut Jello Fudge/ Coconut Jello Shots

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Agar Agar - 5 gm(1 cup)
Strawberry Jelly - 1/2 packet
Coconut Cream - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 3 tblsp
Water - 1  1/2 cup


The main ingredients for this recepie are:

In a bowl add 5 gm china grass(agar agar)  and add water and boil it.

Prepare strawberry flavour jelly as per the instructions given in the jelly packet.

To this add half of the above melted agar agar mixture and stir it.

And pour it in square or rectangular shape dish and refrigerate for 2 hours or until firm.

After the jelly is set completely unmould it and cut into small circles.

Arrange the jelly squares in a rectangular tray.

To the remaining gar agar mixture add coconut cream. 

Add sugar and switch off the stove once it is boiled.

Cool it but don't allow it t become hard.Continue stirring it. Pour this coconut mixture over the jelly and refrigerate it for an hour or until it sets.

Cut it into squares and serve it chilled.

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